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Flexible yet strong, Prototal UK is proud to offer the incredibly versatile TPU M95A as part of our additive manufacturing services.

Perfect for components requiring impact absorption and elongation, with a high tensile strength.

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Overview of TPU M95A

Also known as a thermoplastic polyurethane, Lubrizol’s TPU M95A is used in HP Jet Fusion 3D printing. With material reusability up to 80%, TPU M95A can be processed and unpacked at room temperature.

This material is hard-flexible and certified for skin sensitisation and cytotoxicity, meaning it delivers a range of properties useful in numerous sectors. This combination of strength, flexibility, and safety ensures TPU M95A can be utilised in medical, direct-to-consumer, and industrial settings.

TPU M95A also produces watertight components and has an extremely high melting point.

Intended for use as part of our HP Multi Jet Fusion services, TPU M95A is deposited onto the work area and mixed with fusing and detailed agents in the most efficient additive manufacturing process yet.

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Key Features

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Vicat Softening Temperature
161° C
Specific Density
1.1-1.15 g/cm3
Tensile Strength (XY 0°)
18 MPa
Flexural Modulus (X)
85 MPa
Tear Strength (Die C) (X)
80-96 KN/m
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Applications of TPU M95A

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Helmets & Footwear
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Direct-To-Skin Parts, Such As Push Buttons & Arm Rests
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Seals, Bearings, Jigs & Fixtures

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