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PA 603 CF

One of the lightest materials used in 3D printing, Prototal UK is proud to offer the cutting-edge PA 603 CF as part of our additive manufacturing services.

Perfect for components requiring strength, precision, and a smooth surface finish.

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Overview of PA 603 CF

Carbon filling means the addition of carbon fibre particles into a polymer (in this case, nylon 12). This reinforces the polymer with the strength, rigidity, and lightness of carbon fibre. 

A composite material, carbon-filled nylon 12 provides a balance of mechanical properties suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications. Its combination of strength, stiffness, and relative lightness makes it a valuable material in engineering and manufacturing contexts.

This pioneering new material also features great printing accuracy and an impeccable finish.

Intended for use in selective laser sintering, carbon-filled nylon is a powder which is melted layer upon layer into complex or unique designs.With one of the largest EOS laser sintering printers in the UK, we can accurately produce components from PA 603 CF as large as 680 x 370 x 530mm.

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Key Features

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Dark Grey
Heat Deflection Temperature
173° C at 1.82 Mpa
Bulk Density
0.41 g/cm3
Ultimate Tensile Strength (XY)
85 Mpa
Tensile Modulus (XY)
7,900 Mpa
Elongation at Break (XY)
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Applications of PA 603 CF

PA 603 CF Canards
PA 603 CF Brake Duct
Brake Ducts
PA 603 CF Bonnet Vent
Bonnet Vents
PA 603 CF Cable Saddles
Cable Saddles

PA 603 CF Datasheet

Explore the strengths of carbon-filled nylon 12 through our comprehensive datasheet. Download now to access detailed information on this advanced composite material, essential for engineers, designers, and manufacturers seeking exceptional mechanical performance.

Want to find out if PA 603 CF is suited to your project? 

Download the datasheet below.

Download The Datasheet

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