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3D Printing For The Automotive Industry

Revolutionise your cars with 3D-printed parts from Prototal UK.

Advanced additive manufacturing technologies, a multitude of materials, and an extensive knowledge of automotive design all mean we are set to help you forge the road ahead.

From high-volume road car production to bespoke, low-volume hyper-car production, and everything in between, the number of printed parts being used in automotive applications has skyrocketed.

Additive manufacturing holds unmatched possibilities for improved design freedom, rapid prototyping, and a before-unseen level of customisation — not to mention enhanced performance and material usage, shorter time to market, and cost and weight reduction.

Road-Ready Components.

Elevate your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics from initial concept to final production. 

We print parts that are ready to meet the challenges of the road, from intricate interior elements to durable exterior features. 

Our commitment to quality ensures that every print is a step towards a more advanced, efficient vehicle.

Part Production On Demand.

With Prototal UK, you have the power to produce what you need, when you need it.

Our on-demand printing services reduce waste and inventory costs, keeping you agile, competitive and ready for whatever the road brings; while our vapour smoothing and finishing capabilities mean your printed parts look their best.

Whether you’re looking for one part or one million – we’ve got you covered.

Parts That Perform.

We understand the demands of the automotive sector. That’s why we offer printing solutions using materials known for their strength, durability, and performance. 

From robust engine components to sleek, aerodynamic pieces, our prints integrate seamlessly into your vehicles, enhancing both function and form.

Choose Prototal UK for 3D printing services that drive the automotive industry forward. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can turn your concepts into parts for the road.

Automotive Services

Finishing Capabilities

With over 60 years of combined experience in model making and post-processing, our finishing department delivers high-end paint finishes and complex assemblies to our customers.
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HP Multi Jet Fusion

MJF is a robust and popular technology in the additive manufacturing industry and is equipped for manufacturing flexible components in amorphous materials such as TPU.
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Selective Laser Sintering

Our Selective Laser Sintering [SLS] machines include some of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced, meaning we are perfectly placed to meet your requirements.
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