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Vacuum Casting

A technology that we offer through our Prototal Industries partners, vacuum casting is a fantastic method of producing low-volume or pre-production components.

With a huge variety of materials available, including very flexible rubber options, it's a great technology that can solve many production challenges.
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Produced at our sites throughout Prototal Industries in Europe, vacuum casting of parts in PUR takes place in silicone tools and is used to create prototypes, or can be used as a method to batch-produce plastic parts in smaller numbers. As the casting process takes place under vacuum, the castings become pore-free and exceptionally strong.

The method first involves producing a 3D print of the master. The surface of the printed model is finished to mimic the desired surface finish of the final product and is then submerged in silicone. The silicone is then left to harden before being prised open and the master part removed. After this, liquid polyurethane is then poured into the mould and the casting process begins.

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