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Kickstart Your Production With Injection Moulding

Elevate your production capabilities with our advanced injection moulding services. From design to final deliverables, our expertise guarantees unparalleled precision and efficiency in every component.

Our injection moulding capabilities can produce anything from single prototypes to millions of end-use components.

Backed by ISO 9001 quality standards, our injection moulding facility can handle projects ranging from prototypes to large-scale production runs.
Prototal - Injection Moulding

From initial tools and samples, through to final end-use parts, you will experience control, precision and expertise with Prototal UK.

With a fleet of more than 100 state-of-the-art auto-injection moulding machines, we deliver top-quality parts at any scale never compromising on quality or efficiency.

Try our reliable and durable injection moulding services and see how they can speed up the manufacturing process.

Better Quality. Quickly.

We test all designs and processes before full manufacturing to guarantee precision from the start. Quality checks continue throughout to ensure all parts are of the highest quality and precision.

Timing is crucial in most engineering projects. Our streamlined production process and high capacity ensure rapid turnaround from design to final delivery. 

Whether opting for manual or true double injection, our extensive 2K injection moulding facilities guarantee the best outcome for your projects.

Quality Moulding You Can Trust.

Quality is the cornerstone of our manufacturing ethos. Our engineers are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence.

Our adherence to global standards such as EN 9100:2018, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485:2016 underscores our commitment to delivering products that meet even the strictest industry requirements. 

With rigorous testing, risk analyses, and advanced measurement technologies including CMM and X-ray equipment, we leave no room for subpar components.

Further Finishing Touches.

Our high attention to detail extends beyond moulding. From in-mould labelling for integrated designs to ultrasonic welding for robust joints, we provide a host of post-production options to ensure your components are perfect for purpose.

Our injection moulding expertise extends to assembly services, along with pad printing, digital printing, and heat embossing, allowing for seamless customisation and packaging before delivery.

Perfectly precise parts don’t have to be hard work when you partner with Prototal UK.


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Injection moulding heats plastic pellets until they melt, at which point the material is injected at high pressure into a carefully designed mould cavity. Once cooled and solid, the finished product is ready for finishing touches or further work.

We have a number of thermoplastics available for injection moulding:

  • Nylon 12
  • Glass filled Nylon 12
  • Flame retardant Nylon 12
  • ABS
  • PEEK
  • Carbon PEEK
  • Carbon PA
  • Polypropylene
  • ULTEM AM9085F
  • TPU M95A

Download our data sheet above to find out more about our material offerings.

Injection moulding offers quick production times for a large volume of parts made from a huge range of advanced materials. Production processes can be repeated with very few inaccuracies.

Prototal UK offers a range of post-production services to ensure your parts are refined to perfection:

  • 2K injection moulding options for the best production process
  • In-mould labelling and printing for customised, end-use parts
  • Assembly services for various parts and designs
  • Ultrasonic welding for strong joints without melting 

Get in touch with our sales team to find out more about how your production process can be tailored to your project.

Thanks to in-mould labelling and printing, or if your logo is part of the design geometry, you can have a logo or design as part of the component.

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