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3T AMP rebrand to Prototal UK

News - 15 July, 2021
3T AMP rebrand to Prototal UK
Prototal UK
15 July 2021

3T AMP rebrand to Prototal UK

As you may or may not already be aware, back in August 2020, 3T Additive Manufacturing Ltd, formerly 3T RPD Ltd, was split into two legal entities; one metals AM business, which would continue to run under the 3T Additive Manufacturing name (or 3T AM, for short) and one brand new polymers AM business which would operate under the name 3T Additive Manufacturing Polymers (or 3T AMP/3T AMPolymers, for short).

The purpose of keeping the ‘3T’ name within the identity of both companies was to pay homage to the business from which both originated and enable our customers to easily identify us from the days of trading through the older iterations of the 3T name. Through the splitting of the two business, the shared facility, team and associated polymer/metal assets were divided up and both companies continued to operate as next-door neighbours on the Greenham Business Park in Newbury, Berkshire.

In October 2020, 3T AMP was then acquired by Swedish polymer manufacturing experts, Prototal Industries – a move which was heralded as the company’s first foothold outside of Scandinavia. This was an immensely exciting time for the 3T AMP team, who were delighted to have joined Prototal family and access a much wider variety of polymer manufacturing technologies, such as injection moulding, vacuum casting, MJF, SLA and FDM, to name a few. The expansion of our offerings to our customers has since delivered some fantastic results and we are delighted so many of them have been able to benefit from our induction in to the Prototal Group.

With the above in mind, it has become increasingly clear that the 3T AMPolymers business has truly evolved from the days of old and that the time has come for us to renew our identity as a member of our new family. As a result, we will hereby be retaining our legal identity as 3T Additive Manufacturing Polymers Ltd, but will now be trading under the name ‘Prototal UK’. This should not affect any administrative records our customers, suppliers or partners have of us, but we ask you to contact our team with any concerns you may have at, where we will ensure we work with you to resolve these immediately.

We look forward to collaborating with you all under our new title and are excited for what the future brings.

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